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Invasives/Ballast Water 

(for the invasive Lyngbya wollei, please see the Lyngbya wollei page)

Invasives, such as zebra mussels and the various species of Asian Carp, afflict the Great Lakes. Ballast water, that water brought on board ships to provide stability, is the cause for the introduction of many of our invasive species.

Please see the United States Department of Agriculture's National Invasive Species Information Center.

For a letter from the National Environmental Coalition on Invasive Species to the House Committee on Natural Resources concerning "new legislation on pre-import screening of non-native animal species," click here.

Asian Carp

"Will Asian Carp Invade Canada?"

Phragmites australis

One of the most prevalent invasives in the United States, Phragmites australis is now known to have a powerful weapon at its disposal: it can squirt acid. You can read more about this wetlands invader here.

Flowering Rush

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