Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association

Western Lake Erie 2010 Conference
Jolly Rogers Sailing Club
Saturday March 27
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Selected 2009 Western Lake Erie Conference Presntations (PDF Format)

Dr. Dave Baker algae - phosphrous

Warren McCrimmin dredging port etc

Chris Vandergoot fish populations

Casey Stevens Ottawa River Sediment Remediation

Vickie Askins Factory Farms

Melissa Damshke Detroit Sewage Overflows

Sandy Bihn Fish Kills

lease read Tom Henry's The Blade article, "Water forum focuses on toxic algae in Lake Erie."

Selected 2008 Conference Slide Show Presentations:
(PDF format)

Melinda Huntley, Tourism Ohio Sea Grant, "Can We Carve Another Lake Erie?: Tourism's Role in Shaping Our Great Lakes' Images."

Molly Flanagan, National Wildlife Federation, "Protecting the Great Lakes: Preventing Diversion and Encouraging Conservation."

Jeff Tyson, ODNR, "Status of Lake Erie's Western Basin Fish Populations: Trends and Environmental Conditions."

Dr. Carol Stepien, University of Toledo Lake Erie Center, Director, "What DNA Tells Us about Walleye (& Other Fish) in the Great Lakes."

Dr. Thomas Hook, University of Michigan, "The Causes and Potential Ecological Consequences of Hypolimnetic Hypoxia in Lake Erie's Central Basin."

Henry A. Vanderploeg, GLERL/NOAA, "What Dreissenid Mussels Do: Are They Responsible for Recent Changes in Lake Erie?."

Dr. John Hartig, Detroit International Wildlife Refuge, "State of the Strait: Status and Trends of Key Indicators."

Dr, Jeff Reutter, Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Lab, "Understanding the Key Issues Affecting Lake Erie."

Dr. David Baker, Heidelberg College, "Patterns and Trends in Phosphorous Export to Western Lake Erie."

Dr. Hans Paerl, University of North Carolina, Institute of Marine Sciences, "Ecology and Management of Lyngbya."

Western Lake Erie: The Warmest, Shallowest, "Fishiest" Area of the Great Lakes
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